While open-concept floor plans are very popular with some homebuyers, there are many who aren't as enthusiastic about such airy construction or layouts. Here are some budget-friendly tips to suggest to clients that can help make large spaces feel more intimate.

Choose darker colors. When selecting paint, flooring and accessories, it's OK to go dark in open floor plans. The darker color will absorb the light and help keep the space feeling warm. Tip: Rather than paint the ceiling white, select a darker color to draw the room lower.

Strategically place furniture and decor. L-shaped sectionals, console tables, benches and accent chairs can be used to create division between spaces. Pull furniture towards the center of the room to bring the focus inward. Tip: Use the open wall space to display large paintings, photos and accessories. Tall potted plants can help fill up vertical height too.

Architectural features come with a smaller price tag than adding a wall but offer similar effects. Consider adding a bookcase, banquette, glass door, column or even divider curtains to create division. Tip: New gas fireplaces can provide an intimate feel (and don't require a chimney).

Lighting can make all the difference in opening up or drawing in the space. Light bulbs often come in different "colors" measured on the Kelvin temperature scale. When selecting bulbs, choose a soft or warm white. Tip:Many new LEDs and smart fixtures allow homeowners to adjust both brightness and temperature.

These tips can help your clients envision how a listing with large spaces can become their perfect home.

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